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    Artist CARLOS AMORALES Black Cloud, 2007

    Installation with 25,000 paper moths

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    Poems in Calligraphy
    Poems from Sándor Weöres & János Pilinszky
    By Boglárka Nádi

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    Tatiana Plakhova is a Moscow-based graphics designer, though her creations seethe a depth and passion - as easily described as art, as they are graphics. Her most recent project, Flow Theory, evokes ideas of space, time and the cosmos.


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    This amazing modern art idea is dedicated to artist and designer Tobias Wong who passed away May 30, 2010, at the age of 35, after living 13,138 days. His friend Frederick McSwain built this commemorative portrait using exactly 13,138 dice to emphasize on life and its hazards. “The idea of a dice itself was appropriate—the randomness of life. It felt like [a medium] he would use. Because [Tobias] was a very street-level force, I thought it was appropriate [to install] the portrait on the floor. Its not something I wanted to suspend on the wall; I wanted it to be right there on the floor where you almost interact with it. The idea of every decision you make and everything you’ve done in your life, defines who you are. All of those days symbolically makes up the image of Tobi.”- Frederick stated. The dice were simply laid out on the floor without using any kind of adhesive.  – (via – FRESHOME)

    For my friend Pablo who was one of Tobi’s closet friends and misses him very much.
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    Damian Ortega - Field of Vision, 2008


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    ejhill.tumblr took part in the annual Gala organised by Marina Abramović at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, in November 2011:

    “For a total of about four hours, I was the most powerful person at my table. I watched as the wealthiest people I’ve never met, reluctantly took seats around me. First, their faces showed signs of stunned disbelief as they entered the space. Second, the awkward laughs and iPhone photos came, then it was confused and forced smiles as they sat down. Finally, came the extreme discomfort from the reality of the situation—they would actually have to eat in front of us. But interestingly enough, in a very rare and beautiful moment, the power dynamics that have existed for hundreds of years between artists and the wealthy had been reversed. The performance lasted only a few hours, but during those few hours, from a seemingly degraded position, I silently dictated an entire conversation. I was able to halt people mid-sentence by slowly turning and locking in on any one of the individuals at my table. They fumbled with their forks, stuttered on words and took out their phones to read invisible text messages. They employed all sorts of techniques to distract themselves in order to ease the tension. Periodically, someone would shake their head in contempt and frustration. Some only ate while I was turned away from them while others got up and left the table entirely.” Read more here

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Typeverything.com - Soul Enkindled by `monavx (via monavx )


    Typeverything.com - Soul Enkindled by `monavx (via monavx )

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Pietari Posti Moby Dick bookmark collection.


    Pietari Posti Moby Dick bookmark collection.

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